ASIC merch website

Hey everyone!
I found this ASIC miner seller website and was wondering if it is a scam or it’s safe to use.
Has anyone had any experiences with this website?

Thank you!

Better read here

None of this is good either…

Using NameCheap for a domain host means you can register on any name and address you want… and they take payments in BTC so no tracing


  • Registry Expiration: 2022-11-10 19:19:26 UTC
  • Created: 2021-11-10 19:19:26 UTC
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Thank you!
I knew an S17+ for 2000 would be too good to be true.

Without investigating deeply pricing is not making much sense.
KD BOX with 1.6TH cost 7.4 kUSD and K1+ with 15 TH is 6.7 k USD (over 9x of hashpower)
Beside other quite low prices of other miners like KD5 for 22k or S19 XP for 7.2k
Seems to be quite clear SCAM to me …