Asic miner heat (S19J pro)

hello everyone, new miner over here.
so this is my first few days plugging my S19j pro
and as a new miner i get worried about everything specially heat
so currently my 3 hash boards temp are:
inlet temp between 58 ≈ 63
outlet temp 75 ≈ 82 (it keeps going up and down sometimes 72-75 sometimes 79-82)

i just want to know if that’s a normal temp and what’s the maximum temp that I should not cross, I looked online for the inlet/outlet temp but I’ve found nothing most of what I’ve found was about the miner temp itself

i appreciate any help, thank you

I have seen as high as 100c on those hash chips. that is about the redline point however.

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outlet temp ? doesnt matter… make sure ur under 75 pcb temp … 80 i think is max


Thank you for your replay, where can I check pcb temp ? It only shows that the miner temp is normal but doesn’t give exact number.


thank you very much worked perfectly !

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