ASIC Miner Orientation

Vertical or horizontal? That is the question? Done some research and it seems there is a difference of opinion so I’m putting it out there to see what the consensus is. Which orientation is better for the health and longevity of the miner and does it vary by manufacturer?

All of mine are horizontal, but vertical always seemed to make more sense.

Can’t say for sure if it matters either way. I do know that the major mining facilities that have popped up all have their miners standing up vertically.

Mine are vertical as well but I’ve seen images of them horizontal so then I started second guessing what is better. Appreciate the response.

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Mine are vertical but after seeing some horizontal it made me wonder. Thanks!

My goldshell boxes are vertical, I did see a previous post somewhere saying they should be horizontal so the heatsinks are releasing heat upwards. I have no idea, but interesting question for sure.

For space reasons = vertical