Asic Miner PLL dropped to 32

Hello gang, my ibelink bm k+ stopped working a couple of days aga. The first of the three dashboards now reads 32 PLL down from the 750 it was programmed for.
My wife is giving me hell, as I paid $36,000 for this box 6 mos ago. Please friends, can you direct me to an inexpensive way to diagnose this problem, and get it back to mining again? the first board has zero’s at active maps, mh/second and other areas. I emailed a possible ibelink address and have not heard back in two days. Thanks for any direction on getting this fixed. Very gratefully,

I would look to try and reflash the control board as a start.

Diagnosing, replacing hash boards etc is way out of my league. I bought my L7 thru print crypto who has partnered with a repair shop in…Florida I think. It’s on their website. I have heard east coast miners does repairs. Big sky asics at one time was going to put together a repair shop but I don’t know if that happened. Wish you luck.

Can you provide the miner logs?

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How do I attach a picture to this forum? I can take a picture of the iblelink screen. Also, what information should I be careful not to provide if I am working with a repair person online? thanks

I just added the screens that may communicate better than I can. Thanks

Thanks Unix for the idea. I restarted, restored miner to factory settings and rebooted miner. None seemed to improve. I just added some screenshots of the diagnostics. Can you tell me how to refresh the control board?

http ://your Goldshell ip/#/debug/
is a good diagnostic center for the best info screens.

this miner isn’t too popular and it doesnt seem the manufacture offers much documentation so it’s not clear how to exactly re-flash the firmware. Although I did find that you may be able to get it here

I also found this FAQ – iBeLink where they say: “why does my PLL keep changing” they say the PLL is a function of the temperature (which makes sense) yours is very low which could indicate a heatsink problem

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