ASIC miner Repair Support & Advise

I have been looking for support and or Advise on my ASIC miners. I finally have 11 miners , different kinds all used out of farms from China, so they are all dirty as heck. I have taken one completely apart and cleaned it in and out, now putting back together. I need help to find the best Thermal paste or tape to use between the hash board and heat sink for the Whatsminer M20S 68TH. I have been told different things but the thermal pads I have been told to use are for GPU mining and the heat generated is different than an ASIC miner. Does anyone have advise and or a link of where to order from.

i have used this for the heatsinks

I’d like to set up a repair shop for these miners, and other miners as well, seems like it could be kinda fun as a part time gig.

I found a 2 component adhesive to be very handy.
The usage is similat to superglue. there is a paste to apply on the one surface and an activator that you apply un the other side.
only when you bring the elements togeter the glue hardens.

Thank you all @foggon5 @KBB @paymyrent , this has been very helpful. I will order some and cross my fingers that i have done it correctly.
@KBB if your good at doing repairs then I am sure you will have business to keep you busy. Or even do a YouTube channel and monetize it. I would watch and subscribe for sure.