Asic miner start up and shut down

Is there some special way to turn on and shutdown an asic miner(toddminer c1 pro to be specific). Only reason I ask is because i wanna set it up and once I do that I wanna shut down and then wait few minutes,then immerse it in bitcool and crank her back up and basque in the quietness,lol. thanks for yall time. GGA
Also how can I post videos? Future reference…

I use HiveOS and you can shutdown the miner through the interface which is the better than just unplugging it because it lets the fans run after it stops mining so it can cool off before turning off.

Hive operating system,how do I obtain that? Ima be running an asic c1 pro. By the way I just saw that HIVE jumped 60% IN 24 HOURS…that made me sick,coinbase don’t carry them and HIVE just spent a boatload of money on a mining farm,that posted and stock went uppppp. Thanks for helpin MeatyMouse

I am going to put my referral link in my bio