Asic miner tempature control help

Hey guys I ordered a couple miners that I. Know are going to throw out heat. Ill be putting them in my full basement. Basement is split in half and will be shutting one side down. Since i have no windows I was thinking of making another exhaust vent like a dryer. And running a floor ac unit with auto humidifier with water line running to the sump pump to control humidity and temp. Is this a good idea?
I’m all ears for better ideas or suggestions

Thanks alot

Mining in my garage and tried setting up 10,000 BTU portable AC with exhaust through the attic. That didn’t help at all. The winter is coming, so I think I’ll be ok for a few months, but before next summer I am thinking about completely insulating my garage and installing a split AC system - those are a lot more efficient than a portable AC.

You can also go to “pot growing sites” they do huge heat mitigation. What I’ve learned is “air flow” is your best friend. We do however need to find a solution to this, I’ve thought about Freezers or Refrigerators, but high humidity. Thing is unlike pot you don’t need CO2 or O2, so your air can be N. Hmmm…

What I am currently working on is an enclosed mining cabinet that has two Chambers. Top chamber hosts the Asics and the bottom is for cool air flow. Exhaust heat goes directly through fan shrouds in to dryer exhaust piping and out side.

The design is to intake air from low to the ground heat rises cold air sinks. The miner naturally suck the cool air up from the bottom chamber then the heated air goes through the exhaust to the outside. In winter the exhaust stays inside to help heating costs. I also have the option to run a 4" hose from the bottom chamber to an ac unit to push cold air into the bottom chamber if needed. See image