ASIC Miners Goldshell, Ibelink, Bitmain

Hi guys, my name is Tate…I’m a stateside reseller located on the Illinois/Indiana line. I just wanted to introduce myself because I’m new here! I’ve followed vosk coin for quite some time for useful info just never created an account. I’ve been reselling ASICS since September and finally created my own website the first of the year. Many will ask why I started this journey…simply because there’s so so many scams out there I got tired of seeing and hearing about people losing their hard earned money (I work a day job just like all of you so I know what the grind is like). Long story short I spent months up all night developing a good relationship with multiple China distributors and they’ve never not fulfilled an order from me and customer service has been top notch. I’m in contact with them every day. I’ve only ever had one problem, a brand new miner wouldn’t work, the customer called them and they got their techs on the line right away and they walked the customer through some steps and quickly found out it was a bad power supply, they immediately shipped a new power supply to my customer for free and the machine has been running smoothly every since! My website is I try to keep my prices competitive…please never hesitate to ask me any questions if a price doesn’t look right! I can get almost anything you want…right now the hot items that I have are 200 iBelink K1+ March 15 ship date, numerous KD6 June/July batch, & 600 S19 XP 140th July-December batch (100 every month)! I look forward to getting involved on the discussions more and getting to know all of you! I hope you all have a blessed 2022!

CEO, TC Crypto

Is the return key on your keyboard broken?

You’re gonna need to put your policies and company information on your website. As of right now this just screams scam.


Agree with @Aaron_Raycove. The first thing I checked was *Contact * and didn’t see an address and phone number. At least you offer several payment options.

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Thanks for the feedback I’ll get it taken care of!