ASIC Miners which machine to buy in the long term?

S19 pro 110T vs S19 95 T vs S19 84 T
S19pro $4,595 3,250 watts 29.54 watts per Th/s
S19 95T $3,395 3250 watts 34.21 watts per Th/s
S19 84 T $2,755 3150 watts 37.50 watts per Th/s
These are Amazon price thru Q10 TECH
Where else can I buy these with a visa card?
I’m looking into running on off Peak Demand times through my Power Company at $7.6557kw

Do you mean $0.076557/kWh? If so, they all seem like a horrible investment.

Typo error $07.6557kw

Hello @DancingBear

Just to add some input in here.

Those prices are greatly inflated over the MRSP of the miners. You can pre-order those models from Bitmain directly.

S19Pro = $2387
S19 = $1897
T19 $1527

You will have a hard time sourcing a seller that accepts card payments without paying a huge premium. If you are happy to pay a premium for paying by card, you should consider purchasing from Alibaba. You should only purchase from sellers whom accept the Alibaba buyer protection program known as “Trade assurance”. You can pay by card and can dispute the transaction very easily should something go wrong.

I have sourced many 1000s of miners from different platforms and have had no issues with Alibaba myself, however I do heavily vet my suppliers before I make a deal.

Note that the S/T19 models have root authority disabled, hence it is not possible to install different firmware. Most large scale mining operations do not actually use S19s for this reason. I operate some but they make up a small fraction of my hashrate capacity. However if you want something Plug & Play and you are doing this as a “Hobby miner” then they will suit your need.

Hope this information helps.