ASIC Minerstat Monitoring

Does anyone use this software to monitor their ASIC mining operations? I am looking to sign up and use their services but I am not sure how to set this up via a remote location.

Thanks and happy mining!


Hello Laurvick!

You can manage your ASICs remotely once you set up minerstat software. Unfortunately you can’t install the software remotely so you will have to be on the same network to do it. Only exception would be if you set up VPN on your network.

If you at any time have any troubles or have any questions, our team is available for help on live chat and on Discord.

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I use HiveOS it wasnt easy to setup either I am very happy that I did figure it out though.


Can you tell me more about HiveOS? I want to learn more about it there just isn’t a lot of information our and about… Minerstat is currently my front runner due to the apps and customer support I’ve been getting.

HiveOS has an app and they have good customer service also if you want to see how it looks check out my L3 Overclocking thread I have lots of screenshots of the software used for overclocking and monitoring.

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If you will try hive os you will forget about minerstat, Hive is more stable +1 for their constant modernization (availability and support of current versions of miners, coins) over-responsive and adequate support

Hello Laurvick!

You can view general comparison between minerstat vs HiveOS.

Do note that our software stack supports all official and unofficial firmwares including MSKMINER’s Hive OS. So it is easy to switch between both platforms for testing purposes.

ha, lol, Minerstat, don’t spam people with not true information, I mean list with comparing.

Hello CryptoWolf! Let me know which part is incorrect and we will update our website accordingly. Thank you!

triggers on watchdog is also implemented

Thank you, we have updated the comparison page accordingly. If you ever notice anything else, you can let us know, so we can do an update.

i test both hive and minerstat never ever use hive most shit os i try tons unused stuff expensive year payment,not simple to use.minerstat simple for use most needed stuff included,unused stuff can be turned off to keep clean dashboard, cheap year payment, stable run, i k ow many person move from hive to minerstat