ASIC or gpu what should be the step forward?

So I was looking to buy GPU but while searching for it ended up seeing Asic miner and more specifically Antminer L7

I was going to buy gpu worth of almost $20k and the L7 is also almost about the same price on retailers webisite (preorder), the profitability of L7 now is around $160 per day which is not going to be a case when it will launch as the network difficulty will increase

And for Gpu the as Ethereum is going to move to POS and nobody knows what will happen after that.

So can you guys please suggest what should be my step forward?

Ps Right now I have 10 3070 gpu running.

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I would invest on ASIC for sure since GPU mining will be severely hit once Ethereum 2.0 goes live, not to mention the London Hard Fork/EIP-1559 that Ethereum already implemented.

If you can afford an Antminer L7 I suggest to get it!

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Ok but I am also thinking about ROI. I don’t know how much the network difficulty will increase after the launch of L7, but if it even increases 3 times of what it is today then it will take me around 21 months, which is a very long time.

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For those lucky enough to get one when it was at $12k or even at $14k will be able to ROI in less than 12 month (I’m lucky enough to get my hands on 2 L7 when Compass Mining had them at $14k)

Unfortunately that is no longer the reality, last time they where available at Compass mining they where @$18k per L7. It will not surprise me if some vendors start selling them at $20k, in which case will go with your theory.

With mining difficulty going up, and the steep hike in price, not to mention the pandemic, and the global chip shortage make it almost impossible to get ROI in 21 month at this point…