ASIC Question - Purchase

Hey! I have been mining ethereum for a year now with GPU’s. I want to buy an ASIC but I’m scared. I wanted your recommendation on one that I can use for a couple years. I just have enough money for 1 I think… Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I scared cause I don’t know if I can fix issues or what happens if you get a dead unit or something. Seems like a lot of money, nervous making a purchase!

Do your researcher. There are a lot of lagit sellers of Asic miners that have repair services and sell parts to repair yourself. Asics are very simple machines. Hop on youtube and watch people set up whatever miner your interested. Search for videos of people repairing miners and what to look for. Watch videos on how to monitor hash rate. Do you own research. You will be an expert in no time. :slight_smile: