Asic repair recommendations in texas

Hello vosk coiners I recently purchased some l3+ and as su+ I have just got them going except a issue with two l3+ one has only a single hash board going and another will not hash at all is it worth trying to repair my self or is there some where in the states that can repair them in decent time preferably close to me in south east texas…

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I came across this site:
Any feedback from Vosk community on this? Thinking about contacting them for one of my hashboards repairs…

I would be wary of that one. I just looked it up since I live in the Denver metro area and it is an address to a UPS Store in the Denver/Stapleton area.

Thank you @Dhoulmagus !!!
Not seeing too many options stateside for ASIC repairs! Found one, but they only service equipment that only bought from them. I guess everything will have to be shipped back to China to get serviced :frowning:

Or maybe I missed something - any recommendations stateside? I’ll be honest - I haven’t searched this forum yet… I’ll do that next and update my post accordingly :wink:

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No problem. It screamed “scam” to me when I saw it at a UPS Store. I have not really looked for any ASIC Repairs, since my last ASIC rig that needed repair was an Antminer S2, and I got rid of that.

Back to china they go may the card board and bubble wrap be with you !!! :slight_smile:

We do repairs, you can check out our YouTube Channel. We just opened up a bigger shop in Chicago, and are rebranding from Crypto Miner CHR to Asic Master

@Crypto_Miner_CHR could you provide contact info, website, store location, YouTube channel link, etc.