- good firmware but insane auto tuning watts

With my 95TH S19 I installed firmware, normally I use Luxos but that firmware won’t go above 50 mhz so I put on instead. I started auto tuning 105th and it started at 4300 watts (on the wall) before ending at 3500 watts for 107th. I thought that was odd but I wanted 110+th so I auto tuned it and it started at 4800 watts on the wall which is insane for stock PSU. I have 2 X730 cfm fans on that miner and temps were 86 degrees, I don’t know how it would have gone with stock fans it might have cooked the miner. It finished auto tuning for 3800 watts/113 th which I am happy with and temps are 68 degrees but man just be careful if you try When auto tuning with Luxos, it starts low and builds itself up, If Luxos would run on this miner I would choose that for this reason. I also updated to the latest firmware. Just a heads up so someone doesn’t blow up their miner

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Oh boy, there are a lot.
Speaking from experience, try also: asicclub & braiinsOS firmwares.Assicclub has presets & a bit more useful info while braiinsOS allows you to set a power target(ex: 2,000W) and will then do its best to give you the max possible hashrate in that power target.

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I heard BrainsOS is just a white label of Luxos, if I could run Luxos on my 95th model I would but it isn’t working properly

Interesting that people would say that, considering BraiinsOS has years of development on the S9, and T17 series, way before LuxOS was even considered being developed.

If you have a device that’s not working properly, I’d suggest installing the asicclub firmware, as it has a graphical representation of the chips on the board, showing in green the chips that are performing to spec and yellow, amber and red the chips that are underperforming/use more power/are hotter and/or are close to stop working entirely.
While in no way exact, it will give you an idea and maybe even help save money by doing preventive repairs vs. repairing it when it as completely failed. Hope it helps

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Thanks, from what I can see asic club is exactly the same as, just like Vnish.

I really don’t care though, as long as I am running my miner the best it can, and currently that’s which looks to be the same as asic club, I just don’t like how it auto tuned though is my only fault with it


I’ve tried Vnish and it’s the same as Crazymining and = the same GUI as stock but with some extra features like presets & fan speeds etc. , albeit my limit is the T17/S17 series so I can’t speak for the S19. But as you’ve said, you just need something that works for you. Glad I could give you some options.

As far as the article is concerned, I think it is fake.
Not because I’m some die-hard BraiinsOS fan but because based on the information available, there is a logic fault in it: how can BraiinsOS be a white label of LuxOS if BraiinsOS was released in 2018 and supports S9, T/S17 and T/S19 models and LuxOS was released in 2023 and supports only S19?

It’s a bit like saying that the 1993 Toyota Supra was actually a 2019 Toyota Supra for all these years, we just didn’t know :))