ASIC vs GPU mining

It seems like this group is mostly about ASIC mining. Is anyone doing GPU any more?

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I am. It’s my heart. I may trade for a living and I also ASIC but my GPU rigs and the theory behind what they mine is where my crypto heart lies. PoW Vs PoS , Coin Vs Token, Mined Vs Pre-mined, Crypto Vs digital fiat Vs fiat.

Tokens are a sad joke that most resemble VISA and slavery.
Coins on the other hand hold the human spirit and desire for better future.

It’s not “this group”, It’s most groups because that is what crypto dictates. We are running short on crypto Coins to mine, in all truth. When I started following Vosk, GPU mining was all the rage and the Coins were limitless. Today corporate greed has taken over and for the most part GPU mining is becoming a thing of the past. I feel for folks like Vosk, How is he supposed to recommend GPU when an ASIC get 7x-40x more bang for your buck.

But it’s all tit for tat , tokens inherent flaws are becoming obvious. So who knows, maybe we will have a re-run of GPU’s and coins. Governments can stop/seize “Networks” and tokens, but can do dick about free crypto Coins. The financial freedom crypto provides becomes false when governments try to shut down or freeze wallets. Another way to say this is - peoples greed in crypto has led to a more controllable crypto which has become the enemy of Satoshi Vision. I don’t think Satoshi envisioned Pre-mined by the Quadrillions and a cookie cutter 41% scam to be hosted on GitHub and used on more than half or ERC tokens, that sounds more like the US Federal Reserve with a magic wand than what our founder envisioned for us.

If I hear someone talk about ASIC in a way that is obvious they have not rig/GPU mined… No Respect. Sharks…

When I see a post about some person asking how they can mine monero with their home computer, joy fills my heart.
When that same person logs on to talk about there first payout, … (fist bumping against chest) … I’m proud of them.

So when It comes to GPU’s you can just call me Charley … “out of my cold dead hands”.

So… What coin you mining?


Cool post. I am waiting on my L7, but I genuinely wished to understand the who process of building a GPU rig and getting it going. It’s been fun sourcing the bits and all the research prior to the build to get the principles in my head. I like the whole idea of the black chain and being part of it. I got the rig mining 2 weeks ago. My was to use a Linux based OS because it’s not full of windows bloatware and it’s rock solid.

After researching GPU’S I started buying Rtx 3060 ti founders cards because they are none LHR and not too power hungry. I’ve really enjoyed it and I appreciate the big bucks may not be there mining with GPU’s but I recognise Eth is going to be in it for the long term do intend to keep the coin.

I also have a Bobcat 300 which I am looking to fire up soon when I erect the 6db aerial on the pole I’ve acquired. For me it’s a long term projection and not a get rich quick scheme.

I see so many companies moving towards crypto and realise the massive potential of the blockchain. It’s the whole technology that really interests me.


Oh my gosh, I cried a little. I have been dying to build a GPU rig for a few years, just not very tech oriented on my end. But I have always wanted to take the plunge for 2 reasons…I can get behind the theory and it seemed fun. You sir or madam, have just added a 3rd reason to do it. And you might have just pushed me over the edge to drive up to Micro Center and buy what I need. Of course, after I watch the 5th round of videos on how to build a GPU miner!


Nice one, enjoy your build

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