Asicminer Price List

Price list of asicminer
every days prices change

Follow rules you can’t sell here unless you want wb the asic and have pictures of them with s# date name so I’d just leave

I would never buy from – this guy that we have all never heard of and he can’t even be bothered to follow the rules – is 99% likely to be a scammer.


hey vosk can you report people for this type of thing?

Hello every body specially @VoskCoin who told me 99% scammer without any document . BUT any way , real sellers and buyers look for good platform until promote their real job and i think voscoin is good platform because customers can find who is good seller and who is not

I have customers from russia too , i shipped many goods to different countries but i don’t know they are in this platform or no until verify i am real seller . but about price list which i sent here , because i see other topics a person post a picture which include price list with name of company on some posts, So i thought its legal to do it . i have many shipped orders pictures and other documents which can verify our company too . But any way it is my honor to work together on this platform too if you agree .

picture of other post price list attached .