I’ve been messaging about getting on their verified supplier list. I send a new message every other day and have failed to get any response whatsoever. From what I understand it’s a French based website, and I also have heard reports that “verified” “trusted” suppliers have scammed people in the past and disappeared. I know many people look to this list to source miners, and put their full faith and trust in it. I would like to get on it.

More things to point out, BT-miners is based in Shenzen, not the USA. They may have a satellite office, but I don’t see how that gives them the ability to say they’re a us company.

What are your thoughts on how trustworthy this site is, and what their overall reputation is.

Only vendors I’ve used from the vendor list in the past are and So far so good. It’s important to do separate research on each companies on google before you make your final decisions.

If BT-Miners is not based in USA, does that give them the right to charge sales tax to US customers? I have a feeling they may be funneling extra money into their pocket, targeting US customers. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people receiving “used” miners from them though they advertise them as new.

I’ve bought a KD5, two KD-boxes, and a CK5 from BT-Miners and received them and they’re running
the L7 that I bought still hasn’t shipped