ASICS running in moisture conditions

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know how ASICS run in rooms with there is moisture? I’m planning to run
a couple of s19’s underneath my house and there is a bit of moisture down there when its cold?

thanks for all reply’s :slight_smile:

electronics dont like heat and especially moisture. It is a bad idea to run in that condition unless you can figure out a way to dry the air. You might build a containment room and pump dry air in there for cooling and dry content.

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Do you reckon a dehumidifier to dry the air?

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Sorry I don’t have personal experience with miners in humid conditions and I agree with the statement that humidity and electronics are not the best friends but if you check spec of majority of miners it will state up to 95% humidity without condensation so it might not be such a huge problem but if you take some actions to eliminate humidity as much as you can probably it will-be the way to go.

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