Asrock h110 pro btc+ w/evga 750w fully modular psu open air gpu frame set up

The ASROCK H110 PRO BTC+ MOBO is by far my favorite when it comes to mining mother boards. We have deployed this mobo in many different setups over time. If you are new to GPU mining and want to see how we set up and ASROCK H110 PRO BTC+ MOBO W/EVGA 750W FULLY MODULAR PSU in an OPEN AIR GPU MINING FRAME this post is for you!

All open air GPU mining frames are different but once you get that CPU and RAM in place you will be ready to go. We do like to add a power button to the front of our open air frames but that is optional.

It took us some time to figure out what goes where and why it goes there but with our latest how to video you will be able to see how we set up all our open air GPU mining rigs using the ASROCK H110 PRO BTC+ MOBO.

All you will need is to add your favorite GPU and risers and you will be ready to mine! Our set up is with a thumb drive using hiveOS but you can easily set this up for WINDOWS mining as well.


I recently picked up a used ASRock H110 B+ Pro MOBO from eBay. It arrived today, and came with one stick of of Ballistix RAM, an Intel processor (probably a G4400), and a Intel branded cooler. I plan to carefully clean up the CPU to verify what it is. I’ll look at your How To video.

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Looking forward to hearing how things turn out!

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