ASRock H510 motherboard - can't access Bios

I cannot access the BIOS at all on the ASROCK H510 Pro BTC+ that I just purchased. I get the 5 beeps and I just get a black screen when connecting the HDMI to the MOBO. I have the P1.10 BIOS on the mobo and I know I need to update it, but I cannot access the BIOS in order to do it!

When connecting an HDMI cable to one GPU it shows Hive OS and it is mining, but only on one card, no matter which one I plugin. Also, I am using an SSD hard drive connected to the SATA connector.
I have reset the CMOS, taken the battery out for 15 minutes, and put it back in. Have rebooted and reset the mobo several times, removed all GPUs, put one on, and am still not able to access the BIOS! Does anyone have experience with this?

The CPU is Intel(R) Pentium(R) Gold G6400 CPU @ 4.00GHz AES

I want to get my 6 GPU’s working. I had to buy a new mobo 2 x already as the MSI Gaming one I had wouldn’t let me mine with more than 4 GPUs. That’s why I bought this ASRock one that lets me mine with 7 GPUs. if only I can access the Bios to change the settings!

  • connect the monitor to one of the graphics cards and boot from there

  • go into the bios and change the settings to the processor internal one

  • reboot and connect the monitor to the board

  • you may also need to enable the internal graphics in the processor settings

  • most bios versions when set to Auto always select the external GPU instead of the internal one

  • if that doesn’t help in your case, then disconnect all cards and only boot with the CPU internal one and then change the bios settings before connecting all the cards

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