Assembly Instructions for a Veddha 6 GPU Frame?

Recently, I went to buy a Veddha frame locally. Dude “screwed up” and brought a pre-assembled one, and not the new-in-box one. I figured no worries, as I got it already assembled for $30.

Dude said he spent “forever” putting it together. Well, I’m thinking that he didn’t put it together 100% correct. I’m also thinking that some stuff is missing. My main issue is figuring out how to mount the stand-offs for the MOBO.

So, I was wondering if anyone had a PDF of the contents of the six GPU kit, and of the assembly instructions.

There is a manual for the V3D in this Amazon listing.

They are pretty much identical to the V3C except for the fan brackets if you have that one instead. Three crossmembers have threaded holes on one side for the standoffs. He probably put them in upside down.

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Thank you again, Bick. Looks like he did in fact assemble it correctly. I’m missing the standoffs. No big deal, I can get the longer ones that I need, as I only have shorts from an ATX case. What does suck, is that I’m also missing the cooler kit parts. So, I’ll have to rig up fans for now. Then again, I’m starting with one GPU on the board, and only have two total to put up on risers once it’s working.

People sure can suck. I am guessing he was well aware that there were parts missing. You can always screw two regular standoffs together if you have enough laying around.

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I messaged the guy. We’ll see what he says about the cooling kit parts. I also asked if he still have the unassembled.

As for the standoffs, I’ll just get a small kit.

Dude said that he never set up cooling fans. Hmm. BUT, he said that I could have the one that’s still in the box… FOR FREE! :open_mouth:

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get what you can when you can. may your hash be high and the temps stay low

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Since I had to go to our field office today - for the third day in a row - I took the extra time to swing by the guy’s place, and pick up the unopened Veddha frame. :older_man:t2:

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I have two Veddha 6 gpu frames I bought from Amazon. The 1st one uses yellow plastic triangles that you screw to each fan making one long string of fans. That looks good actually. The 2nd one has a stamped aluminum frame that fits 5 fans and slips over the vertical posts in the back and are secured by the 90 degree mounting blocks. It’s nice too but different.
Finally, the motherboard mounting and the standoffs: It is easy to get the threaded holes that the standoffs screw into, wrong. It’s an easy fix but the motherboard only fits one way.

Here’s a problem I had with the standoffs. They strip very easily. My motherboard had the onboard video sockets towards the end of the board. When mounted, the frame covers them and you can’t plug in the vga or DVI connectors. No other alignment works if you want the board to face you.

I bought some aluminum extrusions (2020 and 2040) by 210mm and used them to additionally hold my 8 fpga’s. The extrusions cost more than the entire rig but look real nice


pics or it didn’t happen please and thank you

Who do you want to take pictures of what?