Asus b250 + 6 RX580 + 5 Rْْ570 errors


I built up a rig with ASUS b250 and 11 AMD cards using Hiveos now the issue i am facing is as show below in the attachment’s can figure out what’s the problem.

CPU stuck and amdgpu ib ring test

it works fine now But if it restarts in any circumstances its doesn’t work it goes into Linux as shown in the picture and doesn’t work,

The only way to make it work is to turn it off from the wall and back on it works fine.
i have changed the bios to gen 2 still no luck.
i need some help how to fix this issue please…

change os you are not first person have his problem with hive os. over 8 amd gpu you shut runing Crimson drivers 17.11.1 other wise will have bugs on hive and some other os, with Crimson drivers 17.11.1 on windows 10 you can run stabil 13x amd without problem