Asus b250 mining expert

Hi everyone

Perhaps I’m overlooking something simple, but I cannot get my 2nd psu to start up on either channel B or C.

I have 1 Antec1300w running channel A. So the board and 5 cards

I have a 1200w Cobramax PSU for 6 more cards but no joy.

Any pointers would be great. Thanks in advance

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I feel I had the same issue and had to use something like this dual power supply splitter from amazon to resolve the issue.

The video I put out does not zoom in but we had 12 gpu no problem once we went this route vs trying to get the PSU to kick on from the mobo. I hope that makes sense

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You can also try a add2psu.

So I gave the psu splitter a go. Same story. The 2nd psu won’t start up. I have tried another psu, same story. I’m lost now. Can’t use b or c and splitter won’t work off A.

I can’t promise anything but I use add2psu. A molex from your first psu plugs into it and the 2nd psu mobo connection plugs into it. I’ve never used the splitter before.

I have had to split up my rig into 2. So I have roughly 18 ports free between 2 mobo. Will try the add2psu if I expand more

have you connected the on pin for the psu? so it knows it is connected