ASUS Motherboard for 3080

Building first rig. Wanted to get one 3080 up and running and then add until I work up to six or more 3080’s.

I have rig frame built with ASUS z-490-p motherboard attached. Bought Powerspec 850 PSU (microctr brand) which was possibly my mistake.

I wanted to test before connecting 3080. When I power up, all I get is a yellow light and that is it. Suggestions appreciated.

I would recommend connecting the GPU directly to the motherboard the first time you’re starting out. That would by my first troubleshooting step. If it boots up, then you can shut it down, move it back to the riser, and try again. Risers are also known for going bad, so you may also want to switch it out for another one if you have them.

Edit: I may have also misread your comment. Is this happening when no GPU is connected? If so, that will only work if you have a CPU with integrated graphics.

You have your start switch plugged into the clear CMOS header so the motherboard won’t start.
See Picture Below:

Ok, now the correct place to put the switch is a little lower on the 3rd and 4th pins from top left of the header as shown in the following picture, item 4 on list:

The header for this may be colored RED on those two pins.

Once you have the motherboard powered up, set the “on power failure” setting to “always on” and you won’t need to use the power switch to start under most conditions.

You are using the 4+4 pin EATX 12 volt power for the CPU, you don’t need to use the extra 4 pin socket under most conditions but the bigger socket is mandatory.

Standoffs: This motherboard only has 6 mounting holes. Only use 6 standoffs that correspond to those mounting holes…Using more will short out the motherboard.

Good Luck