Attempting to withdraw SG social good coin

I’m having a very difficult time getting verified by email by I e tried the web site and the app. Both state verification sent to my email, nothing. Yesterday the verification appeared 20+ min. after being requested. While I was at am appointment ment. It expired. Is SG listed on any other trading platform?

Here are the 2 that I have seen referenced. I setup bitmart last night and it worked just fine for me. Even got kyc completed and posted the SG for trade. Could just need to refresh it and start over.

Finally got bitmart to send authitencation. Mow SG is telling me I have $0.00 to withdraw. Made my purchases over the last 2 my phone authenticated ny bit mart. SG showes coin, but also showes $0.00 to withdraw. Made purchases over the last 2 weeks.

Yeah, it takes over 30+ days for it to become available. If you check your balance you will see it is listed as pending.

Ok whitch exchange will let you sell for fiat?

try using a different email, I have some problems w/ my VoskCoin email on some sites/exchanges but using a gmail acct normally works

Hello, I know Vosk says not to put in a password for Social Good, but if you don’t and something happens to your SG APP where it now says your SG is all gone (Back 2 Zero), you have no way to recover. Your password is like your seed phrase, if you lose access to your device, or your phone gets stolen, the way to recover your SG funds is with your password.

I cannot withdraw. It is sad to think that all will be lost because I did not sign up using a Gmail Account. I am using a yahoo email account. Maybe that is why I cannot withdraw to Metamask. I am already stacking at 15℅. I hope this is not the case.

Update: I just changed my email add to Gmail and I still get the same error when trying to withdraw.

This is not your fault Ray, the SG team is suspending withdrawals because they know that if they let people have the SG they earned, the price of the SG coin would go to near 0.

Social Good is holding tokens for ransom , if you don’t pay $25 you can’t withdraw