Australia big bank bans transfers to crypto exchanges including Binance

Wanna know how people will get scammed? by trying to use an unknown exchange. If people want to do something they will find a way, just like with online gambling they will go offshore. This effects me if there’s a bank run - because I would use the instant transfer to dump my dollars and put crypto into cold storage. How many scams run directly through binance? I dont see how this solves their “problem” and I suspect this is a measure put into place to prevent a bank run

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I saw it on the news and was going to ask how it’s going for you. Does NAB or CBA have a better attitude?
I tried to by some coins from an exchange in the UK a while back and ANZ froze my card and I had to fight them to let it go through and unfreeze my card. It’s a bad indication that our local banks are going mad like the US banks have been doing.

Have you ever used Bisq before? I have it installed and am monitoring how it works for the past few weeks but I’m concerned the gov will be like “why did some guy on the other side of the country send you money” or if I sold BTC and accepted an amazon card it might be a scammer offloading it or something. Concerning times but this did happen back in 2018 from memory every bank joined together and stopped crypto related transactions

If you want to stay in AU - you should try Easy Crypto - We make it easy - I use the /nz version. Transactions can be a bit slow, if an hour or so is considered slow. However that’s just how the banks are here sometimes.
In NZ - the first few transactions are extra slow while the banks have a panic. After the first few things are pretty normal.

Nice thanks for that, for selling I do like Living Room Of Satoshi, because there’s no KYC. I rarely buy crypto but if I ever do I’ll keep this one in mind