Avalon 1166 pro questions

When the tech specs say that the 1166 miner uses 3250 watts to run, is that per hour? Per day? Trying to learn how much solar I need to get to feed these beasts.

Thank you!

Continuously…. So if you ran the miner for an hour that would be 3.25 kWH. Your utility bill is in kWH or kilowatt-hours.

Thank you. So to be massively clear, that would be 3.25 kwh x 24 hours in a day = 78 kwh a day x 30 days = 2,340 kwh for the month. So I would need enough panels to power it during the day and fill batteries to run it at night. Which means if the panel watts were 300 then I would need 8 to run it during sun and maybe twice that to fill a battery for night hours. Does that sound right?

Thank you so much for your help.

3250w / 300w = 11 panels to run one miner.

The panels are rated it watts not kwh. Assuming you are going down the solar route, have space, and can sell power to the utility, I would install more panels than needed to generate power credits during the day then use them at night. This way you don’t have to worry with batteries.

I’m looking at 10 acres with power just to the street. I thought maybe an off-grid system would be less headache and more fun. Net metering is an option in my area, but I like the idea of a completely off grid system. 110 panels is a lot of panels though! Plus more to fill the battery solution.

Sounds like a fun project. Post some pics when you get it up and running.

Will do! Thanks for your help!