Avalon A1246 Fan emulator

So I have an Avalon A1246 lying around and I want to set it up with ~60-65 dB sound level so my neighbor doesn’t complain. I plan to use a shroud and AC Infinity s8 with flexible air ducts. My issue is the emulator has a different connection, the miner has a square 4 pin while most emulator has 4 inline connectors. I tried to look online on how to wire it or if I can get an adapter somewhere but couldn’t find any.

I found this: “Avalon A1246 fan simulator | Zeus Mining” which is from Zeus but I’m unsure of their reliability and if they are legit. Does anyone have any experience with them? There are also many emulators with square 4 pins on eBay but they are shipping from China.

Also, I welcome any opinion or if you have a different idea, please feel free to express them. Thank you!