B250 Mining Expert Board

So I was fortunate enough to find 2 working boards at a flea market for 30 bucks a piece… I’ve never used one of these before. Anybody got a rig with one? I’m curious about how hard the set up is for 19 cards and if wiring it up is a real pain in the ass with 19 cards. In the manual is says it has to be a split between AMD and Nvidia cards? That has ne slightly confused but also intrigued. If this is indeed the case could I put my 8 amd cards and 7 nvidia cards on this one board? I assume I’d have to use Linux instead of windows?

I’m putting one of these together myself. My research indicates you can get those high count GPUs in Win10, BitsBeTrippin on youtube has some videos about it.

I don’t know if you can get all those cards on there. There’s some combinations that can be a free-for-all, a mix of both companies and then the max can only be achieved with 8 of them being P106s. So you’ll have to consult this intel, here https://2miners.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/image3.jpg

Since you’re talking about 15 or so cards, you’d have to have some of them being p106, otherwise you’re capped at 13.

I run one on my rig… but have at most put 4 cards on it :smiley: So, probably not a lot of help on this one :smiley:

I have 20 of them, 9 are running right now, I run 13 cards (RX570’s) as you need nvidia p106 cards to run more than 13, I use two server power supplies that are bridged together and one breakout kit that connects to just the A power supply slot.

Make sure you change the bios settings to gen 2 and update the BIOS to the latest version.

Just FYI these boards are end of life according to Newegg.

Also keep in mind windows will not work with more than 8 cards. Your best to run a Linux build like hive. I personally use raveos. I like them because of the app I can get on my phone to monitor the rigs I have.

I hear this but then I also saw BBT do 21 cards, and said you HAD to be in windows to do that many. So I dunno

I do IT security, Linux is much safer, you have updates monthly for windows, unstable os compared to Linux because you can strip down Linux to just the basics, also running av on windows will be an issue because miners come up as malicious.

I had trouble finding miners for linux outside of the actual mining operating systems, do you know what is available for linux?

What distro would you recommend? I’ve spent more time on linux in my life than windows, mostly ubuntu, lubuntu and mint


These are a couple of them but there are plenty more. Each have strengths and weaknesses.

The miner OS’s give you management and visibility on your rig. I have not run regular Linux and a Minner just the mining os’s.