Back yard shipping container miner shack?

So I was thinking of getting a shipping container to put my miners in. Yes the electric is easy I’m a electrician so no worries there. I like the idea of 4000 for a 20’ they will even deliver it. It’s the cost of a shed so it’s a toss up.flip a coin. I like the idea of no building permit and no taxes on the container. But I’m conserned about the noise in a metal box and condisation . I do have niebors . Does anyone have experience with the big metal box or should I just build a simple wood shed? Opinions please

Can you share the link please?

My brother-in-law has several containers that he stores CNC equipment in, (metal working) and it does leak a little bit I guess you could make sure it’s watertight. They block a bit of noise, you could add some soundproofing. Get a good air handler.

Where do you plan do put this container?

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How many miners do you plan on setting up?

I plan on getting a 20’ and set it in my back yard maybe that’s the plan. 10 asic miners eventually.

I assume you don’t have an HOA?

I’ve been looking at different options for housing miners, as some friends and I are looking to start a small/medium-sized farm. The shipping containers are good, as most are water and for the most part rodent tight. You will need to add ventilation to the unit. The size is the hangup for me. Even a 20’ container can hold well over 100 machines, and so putting a whole conex in the backyard for 10 machines seems like overkill to me. If you don’t care about the extra size, then conex units are a fairly good option for housing miners. As others have said you could add sound deadening. some blue board and acoustical foam should handle that part, and then just look for a couple of louvered attic fans that can exchange all the air in the container every 30 seconds or faster.

Ya I got some stuff I also got to put in there like my atv and plow so the storage is also needed along with the miner space.

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I had no idea that you needed so much ventilation in there .

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That’s my problem I have is a damn HOA!

That isn’t a solid rule, just what I’ve decided I want from my current setup. These machines move a lot of air. I currently have around 8 machines running in a room a bit bigger than 12x12. My machines are older L3+ that each run between 800-900 watts. I have a 12,000BTU mini-split and a high-velocity exhaust fan in there, and the temps stay in the low to mid-80s most of the time. So with my setup, my machines are making roughly 27,000BTU all the time. The newer machines run at over 3000 watts per machine, with ten of them you are looking at over 100,000BTU in a space that is at most 350 SQFT. Or to put that in perspective, my house has electric heat, and it only takes about 50,000 BTU to heat my 2000 SQFT house.

Not to mention if this container is going to be out in the sun and not shaded it will become a death fire box without miners. Here in the Southwest work containers used for storage like these can get up to 300d on a sunny day with it only being 80d outside in the early mornings. I’d never put a lot of miners in a steel shipping container unless you plan on running centralized units to cool the beast, live in the upper Northeast or you plan on building a large shade/covering over it to keep direct sun off it. Probably would want to paint it all white as well.

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Lots of great information . I have got to figure this out better. Lots to consider not as simple as I thought.