Bad eth2.0 staking

so as fallow calculator invested 32eth per year profit will be 4.5eth and its very low profit for 32eth=12k usd to get back aftter 1 year 1580usd, compare to gpu mining investing 12k just for gpu at 0.20usd kwh your profit in 1 year 5341.44 3x time higher profit of no risk to lost your 32eth if pc go offline for some reason, or pay extra money for cloud server? is not point as your earning will be more lower, im still not understand why people so proud eth2.0 soon will come life? happy because losing money?

Well, the developers are proud because the idea is that it will increase the transactions per second that Eth can handle and reduce the environmental impact of running their network. I haven’t seen a lot of people on here really excited about the 2.0 transition, outside of being mindful that it is likely to massively impact GPU mining profitability. As a miner, it’s going to be important to follow what’s going on with the progress, regardless of if you are happy about the change or not. Likely, most miners aren’t going to be too happy about the prospect of profitability dropping.