Bandwidth to reliably mine

What kind of banndwidth do you need per TH to reliably mine?



Good question! Hope someone answers you.

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GPU’s can use GEN1 Pci-e on an X1 (single channel) so the bandwidth requirement is low. Sorry, cannot give you frequency or actual transfer rate


Thank You.

On the Bitmain website the say that a bandwidth of 1M will support about 200 miners. They were talking about the L3++ which runs at 580 Megahash/second. Below is a copy

Mining LTC with AntMiner (L3, L3+,L3++)

Litecoin are mined using a cryptographic algorithm called Scrypt. Taking L3+ as an example, we will introduce the operation process of mining with our AntMiner.

1. AntPool account registration and configuration

For details, please refer to " FAQ——Account Registration**"**

  1. Install the miner, connect miner with network cable and turn on the power (the voltage needs to be around 210v-230v; 1M bandwidth can carry about 200 miners; the local network should be stable)
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