Beam III Mining Notes | Beamhash 3 Hard Fork - New Miners - New Configurations!

Let’s mine Beam on Beamhash3 III!


Beam just hard forked again to beamhash III, the third iteration of their customized equihash mining algorithm. This is the last planned change to their mining algorithm and it is anticipated that ASIC miners will takeover this network eventually… but until that day it will be mined with graphics cards, or GPU mining rigs!

Into video more? Watch our in-depth Beam 3 mining video guide!

If you want to learn everything you can about Beam and their beamhash 3 mining algorithm you can read this official blog post of theirs. This slide off of that post sums up beamhash-III well.

If you use Simple Miner smOS then this config example will get you mining Beam post hard fork (aka NOW!) quickly with Nvidia GPUs using the latest version of MiniZ. Replace our beam wallet address with yours. In our preliminary testing MiniZ is faster and more profitable for mining Beam than gminer is.

--url=ssl://3b4916be4baa90467b450dd574713697955bcaf2956958a1299db782d09203e68a5.$ -p x --pers=auto

If you want to mine Beam on beamhash-III with AMD GPUs on Simple Miner smOS you’ll use the latest version of lolminer and this configuration example, replacing our address with yours.

--algo BEAM-III --pool --user 3b4916be4baa90467b450dd574713697955bcaf2956958a1299db782d09203e68a5.$rigName --pass x --apiport 4444

Please note that over 50% of the current Beam blocks being mined, are all by Leafpool, please consider mining to a different mining pool to properly distribute the network hashrate. You could even deploy your own Beam mining pool using this open-source software! Raskul has lead the way for open-source beam mining pool development, you can support his mining pool here.

In our preliminary testing MiniZ miner for Beam is faster than gminer
Here is the latest version of gminer, it was also not able to mine with our p104-100 that has a 4gb bios on it.

MiniZ is mining faster on Beam than gminer, AND it was able to properly mine with a p104-100 with a 4gb bios. Whereas gminer failed to initialize the same graphics card on the same gpu mining rig.

I’ll update this thread with additional mining pools and configurations in the future, also feel free to submit them to this thread too!

Sunpool and Acepool provided these beam miner configuration examples, to mine on their pools you have to use a pair of keys generated on the mining pools homepage.

Windows, miniZ, EU pool:

miniZ.exe --url=ssl:// --par=150,5 --extra --ocX --show-mode

Windows, miniZ, US pool:

miniZ.exe --url=ssl:// --par=150,5 --extra --ocX --show-mode

Windows, Gminer, EU pool:

miner.exe --algo beamhash --server --ssl 1 --user public_user_key.worker

Windows, Gminer, US pool:

miner.exe --algo beamhash --server --ssl 1 --user public_user_key.worker

Complete noob question: I have one MSI Radeon RX 580 OC Edition 8 GB card, and one ASUS Radeon RX 580 OC Edition 8 GB card being shipped to me. I’m pretty certain that these both have Intel chipsets in them. So, can I still mine Beam with them?

Yes you can, you’ll just use one of the miner programs suited for AMD GPUs like lolminer

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Hey VoskCoin, thank you for the updates! :slight_smile: I´m excited to return to the crypto world with the mining at least. Got one graphics card gtx 1060 6gb. Been mining ravencoin since the FORK! :wink: I´ve been wondering what is the best european pool for BEAM ? Thank you

I’m not seeing any value in mining Beam 3 at all. On all my AMD cards (RX5700 and RX570) it’s about half as profitable as ETH and ETC and on my Nvidia 2080 Super it’s not quite as profitable as Kawpow.


My 6 1660TI GPU’s hover about 13 Sol/s or slightly less on each card. Gminer reports about 75 Sol/s total. Using This is about half what I make mining ETH and RVN (oops, they’re down now).

MiniZ is a terrific looking program and it says I’m mining at 150 Sol/s. Wow, almost making money. Problem is all my shares are invalid even when I use lowest power and mode…Where you have green Stats of 100% nearly all mine are red but the webpage for sunpool says All the shares are invalid.

Anyway, that was my experience so I’m back to mining RVN (oops), I mean ETH. Better luck next time.

Can we buy Beam or only mine it? Because if its only minable then I can see switching to acquire hard to get coins otherwise, what would be the point as long as E?TH is available still.

Hi, I have a rig with 8 gpu 1060 3Gb. I would like to know if I can mine beam with those gpu’s.

I have followed al the instructions to mine beam, and I haven’t been able to do it.

About three weeks ago, I was mining with mi rig, without any problem, but right now I can’t mine beam.

thanks in advance for your help

Beam hard forked a few weeks ago. You probably just need to get the latest version of your mining software.

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