How To Mine BEAM | Beamhash III UPDATE | High GPU Mining PROFITS!

This video will show you how to begin GPU mining Beam on their latest Beamhash 3 algorithm on Windows and Linux (smOS) with Nvidia and AMD GPUs to increase your mining income! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Best GPU for mining Beam coin in 2020 -
Best used GPU for mining Beam coins in 2020 -

Beam has been making GPU mining more exciting and profitable for years now, and they have done it again with their latest hardfork upgrade to their Beamhash mining algorithm. Beam hash 3 is the latest Beam Proof of Work PoW mining algorithm upgrade, this upgrade requires mining software to be updated and has given the opportunity to earn more Beams or Beam coins and thus money when GPU mining Beam! I will show you how to mine on Windows and Linux via Simple Miner smOS with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. Currently, GPU mining beam is ~50% more profitable than other coins, however, this will likely eventually even out in GPU mining profitability in the short-term. The question is the will you hold onto your Beam coins you have mined and hope that increase in value in the future or will you trade them into other cryptocurrencies or simply sell them for fiat dollars.

VoskCoin Beam 3 mining notes and mining configuration examples that you can copy and paste to get up to speed mining Beam quickly available on VoskCoinTalk the official VoskCoin forum!

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