Get $50 in Cryptocurrency JUST FOR SIGNING-UP With


Currently, is giving users who use a referral code $50 dollars for free essentially, as a sign-up bonus. Simply use the link or enter referral code VOSKCOIN when you sign-up! I’m here today telling you about this not only because of the $50 opportunity, but also the fact that is a great platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, staking coins to earn interest and thus passive income in cryptocurrency, and they have partnered with VISA to offer a debit card where you can convert your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to dollars and spend it anywhere.

One of the key features that made us start taking the app serious, is that you can send cryptocurrencies directly into it, so you could simply deposit Bitcoin and Ethereum that you already have. You are also capable of buying cryptocurrency on and sending it out of their platform. Simple functions like this put this platform a league ahead of something like Robinhood.

Their Crypto Earn feature is awesome, @Nyte had nothing but good things to say about it so we gave it a try. It simply works, 100% of the time, and you get automated weekly payouts in whatever coins you choose to stake or earn interest on, on their platform.

Please note that in order to “unlock” the $50 sign-up bonus with, you’ll need to stake $50 MCO and complete their verification process.
Also note, we receive a $50 bonus if you sign-up with our link/code. You can refer users & earn $50 too!

The Crypto platform serves as a mobile wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, staking platform, cryptocurrency visa debit card, and gateway to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for USD fiat currency. It is highly developed and useful!

Update - Deposited 4 Ethereum to stake ETH before ETH 2.0!

You can check out our whole video review on Ethereum 2.0 and ETH staking along with how we are earning 5% interest on our Ethereum here


Just want to mention I’ve been using this platform since August 2019, and I have the Purple (500 MCO Stake) Visa Debit Card.

I’ve always been of the opinion that until I could actually buy gas, or a hamburger, or even pay my mortgage with my crypto, that it was just a hobby. And with this I’ve finally done that.

The Visa Debit card is a true Visa card. I’ve used it just about everywhere I shop and had zero issues.

As @VoskCoin said, it just works. It’s solid, polished, and almost too good to be true. I keep waiting for the rug to get pulled out from under it, but they just keep expanding and improving.

So far so good. Highly recommend it right now.

Great write-up!


I guess I have to make a new account with my VPN active can anyone tell me what regions of the US are currently allowed access to the exchange?


When did you try to use their app previously? Louisiana is on their list of a surprising 49 supported US states and territories?

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I tired like last night lol and I am surprised that LA is supported we just legalized fantasy football lol

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I just tried to make a new account

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I’m from the Philippines and I have been following Voskcoin for a while. He literally made me want to invest a piece of our lot into a mining asset with renewable energy to be used knowing we have at least 10 hours of sunshine. Anyone interested, please let me know I can offer a 1 year free of lease with a five years contract. Anyway, I hope that I can use app here in my location.

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You have to download the crypto com app and signup within it. Unfortunately US citizens aren’t allowed to use the web based cryptocom exchange. You can buy and sell cryptocurrency from within their app though!

I do have the app and I did transfer money from coinbase to it but when I couldn’t do anything with it once it was there i just moved it back out I wanted to stake the mco I might try again on the app

I need to double check, but iirc it does not let you stake any coins until you create an initial 50 MCO stake, right?

when I transferred some USDC into it I was trying to trade it for anything and it kept saying all of my wallets were empty.

Could you post a screenshot?

I would have to move the money back into it unless you wanted a pic of something else all i can show you now is my locked sign up bonus lol

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what is the referal code for 50$ bonus?

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You can just simply follow this link - - and sign-up with the mobile app or enter the code voskcoin when you are signing up. With the VoskCoin code you’ll earn $50 for free when you sign-up with CryptoCom and stake 50 of their MCO coins.

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To be honest I’m curious at this point lol, was it an issue with their app or was it not letting you stake because you were below a minimum? Did it require you to stake 50 MCO before allowing you to stake USDC? I know the minimum is 250 USDC to stake on CryptoCom

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it showed that I had a $200 balance in my crypto wallet when I checked my portfolio but when I went to buy another coin with the USDC including tether USDT it said that my crypto wallet had a zero balance. I also tried most of the other coins on the page just to see if was because that coin didn’t have a usdc pair but not being able to do BTC or USDT seemed like nothing else would work so I just moved it to Kucoin.

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lol guess what I got in the mail today???

my MCO card from


haha my man! block out your name and post a picture! which one did you get?

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I’m pretty sure this one had the least amount of pre requisites.