How I'm Making Money with Crypto.Com App in 2022!

How I’m Making Money with Crypto.Com App in 2022! I review my referral earnings with CryptoCom but also how I earn passive income with cryptocurrency using their Earn feature, and made huge crypto trades in their exchange app! Get $25 FOR FREE using code VOSKCOIN or our link!

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The Crypto.Com app, not web exchange has enabled me to make a lot of money with cryptocurrency that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to make. CryptoCom helps me trade coins I didn’t otherwise have access to trading, and I earn passive income interest staking my cryptocurrencies in the app, putting my money to work for me, and their Crypto CRO VISA debit card is a great way to spend my crypto and also earn big cashback or crypto back rewards! But there are some issues with the app, and some fees while claimed to be 0 are actually pretty high due to a spread in the cryptocurrency prices so let’s review the pros, the cons, and if the app is a scam or if CryptoCom app is great and a huge tool for making money for crypto investors!

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00:00 I’ve Been Using for Years
01:00 Bitcoin miners for sale
02:34 Get $25 for free Crypto CRO code
03:12 CRO Crypto
03:32 CryptoCom Fees
04:18’s Card Tiers
05:35 Earn Feature
06:49 Fiat & Crypto Wallets
07:38 Make mone with
09:57’s Zero-Fee Stablecoin Swaps
10:32 Focus on the Fundamentals & Long-Term
12:13 How Much Money I Made Crypto.Com in referrals
13:37 Mandates You Have 2FA
14:28’s future

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How I’m Making Money with Crypto.Com App in 2022!

Interesting video. Of course, you can’t get quick results, but… I was going to buy Bitcoin in 2010 with $1000. My husband argued against it and I went into Oil stocks instead. I’d be a millionaire right now if I’d ignored he.

I’ve been using since late December 2021. I staked for the Ruby debit and am building up Cro so I can eventually get the Jade Green card. I use the debit to pay all my bills and anything else I can. It all adds up. I just got a miniDoge so I can mine from home. I plan to use that to swap for Cro for awhile. I think is a good long term investment and I buy Cro anytime I can under .40 I’ll be sending my Doge and LTC to my Defi wallet. Check into VVS finance.

… and it is available in 49 states with (no surprise) NY as the lone holdout - you know, NY … the nanny state trying to push thru a bill to ban POW mining … #anotherreasontomove