Coinbase DeFi app BLOCKED by Apple, Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro, $10 for FREE! Orchid OXT to MOON? 🌕

Apple said NO to Coinbase adding passive income earning potential in a new DeFi add-on to their iOS app. Let’s review Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX), and earn $10 for FREE! Sub to VoskCoin!

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Coinbase is having SERIOUS problems adding new passive income earning options to their iOS Apple iPhone app, because Apple is saying NO. This is really surprising since CryptoCom has a similar app and functionality, but their app has been approved for the app store.
If you have been wondering whether you should be buying Bitcoin and Ethereum on Coinbase or you should be buying Bitcoin and Ethereum and other crypto’s on Coinbase Pro our video review comparing Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro here will make it VERY CLEAR why Coinbase Pro is SO MUCH better than Coinbase.
We review Coinbase’s statement on Proof Of Work and while some crypto coins are basically grand fathered in, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, any newcomers seem to be extremely unlikely. To put it simply, Coinbase does not like proof of work or mineable cryptocurrencies, or I should say Coinbase is unlikely to be listing any cryptocurrencies that can be mined since so many projects have not created their own unique mining algorithms making them incredibly vulnerable to 51% attacks.
If you look simply at the market caps of crypto coins listed on Coinbase, Orchid OXT is set to MOON. Is crypto that simple? Honestly… sometimes it is, especially when Orchid OXT is 20% of the next smallest cryptocurrency when ranked by marketcap trading on their exchange.

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