What is UNISWAP?! What is WBTC?! Why is DeFi BOOMING?!

What is this uniswap that’s making people hundreds, thousands, and millions?! What is WBTC, wrapped Bitcoin?.. Let’s review the latest Decentralized Finance DeFi news! Subscribe to VoskCoin - http://voskco.in/Sub

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DeFi in cryptocurrency is all the rage right now, but why is DEcentralized FInance so hot right now? Well honestly the biggest driver of this is Uniswap, yield farming and other methods basically participating, providing liquidity and buying some tokens on this exchange has proved to be very lucrative where people are making AND losing TONs of money, but a lot of people are making huge gains on their investments in cryptocurrencies. Let’s review what Uniswap is, how Uniswap works, and why Uniswap is driving Ethereum transactions fees to all time highs! We will also review WBTC, which is wrapped Bitcoin, which is an erc-20 token, so a token built on the Ethereum blockchain that pegs each WBTC to one BTC in valuation.

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