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We have been using’s app for almost a year now, and here is our review on CryptoDotCom AND how to unlock the $50 Sign-up bonus with our code - voskcoin - don’t delay because it reduces soon!

Read our full review on’s app on the VoskCoin Medium blog where we discuss things like the $50 sign-up bonus, the $25 sign-up bonus, the CRO Visa debit card and staking tiers, their zero-fee trading, free fiat USD deposits and withdrawals, and everything else about their platform!

We have talked about the CryptoCom app a lot this year, and it has been a great way for us to earn passive income in cryptocurrency with their Crypto Earn staking platform! Seriously earning 12% interest on stablecoins like USDC is the best in the crypto market currently, and you even get paid out in the coins you stake, so if you are staking Ethereum or Cardano, then you earn free ETH and ADA in interest, essentially. CRO has risen significantly in price this year, and unfortunately has recently decreased in price – however this makes it an excellent opportunity to unlock their sign-up bonus because right now it only costs $90 to buy 1,000 CRO coins and unlock their Ruby debit card. $90 for 1,000 CRO and you get over 500 CRO coins (currently) for free when you do that – that is the best sign-up bonus we have ever seen in cryptocurrency. Anyway, some people think is a scam, and unsafe, whereas other people think it is the best crypto app, exchange, and staking platform in the entire sector – let’s review CryptoDotCom!

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Maybe I’m just stupid, but this has to be one of the worst applications in terms of usability. Sorry man, I tried, but not for me