Ethereum 2.0 IS DELAYED | UNLIKELY 2020 LAUNCH | Ethereum Staking Rewards | ERC-20 Tokens vs ERC-721

Ethereum 2.0 IS NOT LAUNCHING JULY 2020, and honestly, a 2020 launch is unlikely. Vitalik Buterin confirmed the delay or absence of launching ETH 2.0 soon, & staking rewards and ERC tokens explained & more! Sub to VoskCoin -

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Ethereum 2.0 is going to be incredibly exciting, and it’s really making a bullish case for ETH. ETH 2.0 will bring a better, faster, and more decentralized network to Ethereum along with launching their Proof Of Stake blockchain that will make Ethereum the biggest cryptocurrency ever to offer passive income staking rewards. Unfortunately, Vitalik Buterin confirmed that Ethereum 2.0 will not be launching in July 2020, as was originally expected from the cryptocurrency community, Vitalik claims to have misheard the question when he originally answered yes to Ethereum 2.0 launching soon in July! Regardless of when Ethereum launches their 2.0 version also called Ethereum Serenity, where they will run the original Ethereum blockchain that is proof of work aka mineable next to their ETH 2.0 blockchain that will be proof of stake aka passive income rewards just for holding/staking/running an Ethereum validator node. Anyway, lets review how Ethereum 2.0 is DELAYED, AGAIN, along with comparing ERC-20 tokens to ERC-721 tokens, and also review earning passive income with Ethereum and details surrounding their incoming PoS network upgrade!

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