Have you considered buying cryptocurrency or Bitcoin? We have been buying, selling, and mining crypto for over 3 years now and here’s our guide on how to spot bad/fake/scam cryptocurrency’s and their red flags! Sub to VoskCoin -

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Investing in cryptocurrency is simply daunting, and no one wants to lose their money that they have probably worked hard for. We have made a lot of money buying cryptocurrency, and we have LOST a TON of money buying cryptocurrency coins as well. This video isn’t investment advice but we want to share what we have learned through years of buying, selling, mining, and trading different cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of common red flags to look out for in crypto coins, and even when projects are exhibiting all of the typical warning signs they may still be gaining in price because cryptocurrency is a unique, volatile, and simply weird market. Similar to when Hertz went bankrupt but then continued to climb in price, there are many cryptocurrency projects with failed or failing teams and networks that continue to trade millions of dollars of volume and somehow even increase in price at times!

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