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Stablecoins have quickly taken over the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets, being an incredible tool to preserve and increase wealth. Now many blockchains are trying to create the BEST stablecoin to buy! Sub to VoskCoin -

GSX is a Gold Secured cryptocurrency stablecoin, and it’s even open to US investors! Learn more about GSX coins here -

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Stablecoins are creating a higher market cap than ever before, as their utility continues to increase with new ways to earn with crypto stable coins like lending and staking. USDT aka tether was the first mainstream stablecoin cryptocurrency however they have released that they no longer keep a 1 to 1 backing on their coins, so USDT is NOT 1 to 1 for a US dollar. USDC which is backed by big investors and Circle DOES maintain a 1 to 1 backing on each USDC coin with a US dollar. USDT and USDC have frozen addresses holding thousands to millions of dollars worth of their cryptocurrencies, making them less like cryptocurrency and more like a financial tool. There are many other newer and popular stablecoins like Binance’s Binance USD BUSD and Gemini exchange launched their own stablecoin dubbed the Gemini Dollar GUSD. A very interesting new contender to the stablecoin crypto space is the GSX, GSX is a gold secured stablecoin as opposed to a normal USD secured stablecoin. GSX is being built on the Apollo Blockchain, the first blockchain to implement TRUE blockchain sharding!

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USDT Tether is NO LONGER backed 1 to 1 with dollars -
USDT and USDC freeze addresses worth millions -
Learn more about GSX the gold stablecoin -
A gold secured cryptocurrency stablecoin GSX -
USDC the USD stablecoin built by Circle -
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