SushiSwap - THE FULL STORY?! How this Uniswap clone is WINNING!?

Let’s review the full story on WHAT IS GOING ON WITH SUSHISWAP?! $SUSHI is the latest DeFi craze, SushiSwap forked Uniswap and now has it turned into a better DEX for yield farming?! Sub to VoskCoin -

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SushiSwap has recently been referred to as a trojan horse by Crypto YouTubers like Chico Crypto, and it’s kind of true… SushiSwap has stolen half of Uniswaps liquidity which… is what Uniswap is all about?! The unique migration mechanism they implemented to encourage crypto users to bring their liquidity provider LP tokens from Uniswap to SushiSwap has proven to be incredibly successful. One of the SushiSwap creators, Chef Nomi recently exit scammed with over 14 MILLION dollars worth of Ethereum, but there’s a funny plot twist with that, that we review in this video. By the end of this video you will be caught up on the latest crazy crypto DeFi news regarding SushiSwap! We also review how the US government has set a huge bounty for anyone who can crack Monero’s privacy technology to make it easily traceable, along with additional transaction tracing tools for Bitcoins Lightning network!

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