Staking VS Masternodes - How to EARN MORE PASSIVE INCOME in CRYPTO!

Will you earn more money staking coins on Proof of Stake PoS or will you earn more money by running a cryptocurrency masternode? Let’s compare staking profitability vs masternode earnings! Sub to VoskCoin for more!

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Proof of stake as a blockchain consensus mechanism has been gaining more and more popularity lately, but Energi NRG deployed their PoS and Masternode blockchain a couple years ago. Energi NRG has made staking easy and available from within their wallet for awhile now, they also made deploying a masternode easy based originally off of DASH. Energi NRG forked to their Energi 3.0 blockchain which makes them an Ethereum competitor and they also reduced the masternode collateral requirement from 10,000 coins to 1,000 NRG’s. Today we review how to earn the most money and coins in passive income in cryptocurrency, comparing staking profitability with masternode profitability – basically is it better and more profitable to stake your coins or will you earn more money running a masternode?! Let’s review how to maximize your returns in cryptocurrency!

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