Staking Energi NRG 3.0 - Earning $60 a day, $1,800 a month in Cryptocurrency

Energi NRG 3.0 Cryptocurrency Proof Of Stake Earnings

Energi NRG recently upgraded their blockchain from their 2.0 version, to Energi 3.0. Energi NRG is essentially an Ethereum competitor now, and they are leading the charge on staking cryptocurrencies. To be clear this write-up is not an endorsement, simply reporting real-world passive income earnings with the Proof Of Stake PoS system and their Masternode system.
You can review our real-time Energi NRG staking results, coin earnings, and profitability here.

To be clear, this isn’t financial advice and not all of the NRG in the screenshot is even VoskCoin’s! Regardless the coins being earned and relative profitability are accurate. If you want to buy or sell Energi NRG we recommend Kucoin, please consider using our referral code KJwMyR to support us.

Kucoin is the best cryptocurrency exchange for Energi NRG, especially for US citizens.

Over the last 24 hours, our pooled stake of 12,800 Energi NRG coins have hit 8 stakes, each worth 2.28 NRG. Currently NRG is trading at $3.29 which would mean that 8 stakes x 2.28 equals 18.24 coins, valued at $3.29 per coin totals up to $60 dollars or about 0.0061 Bitcoin BTC. If these results continued for 30 straight days, that would be $1,800 dollars in earnings or about 0.18 BTC in value.

Reviewing a full 7 days of staking Energi NRG on their 3.0 platform, we earned 114 coins which are currently worth about $375. The staking return on investment or ROI changes rapidly as users continue to stake and unstake their NRG coins, so the daily returns will vary due to more or less coins being staked on the network as well as a simple luck factor. If you take the staking returns of the last seven days and multiply it out for a full month staking profitability estimate, you would theoretically earn $1607 dollars. Previously in Energi 2.0 you had to “roll-up” your new coins you recently earned from staking, to essentially add them to your “staking weight” but apparently this is no longer needed on the Energi NRG 3.0 blockchain. So basically, all of your coins you earn staking will continue to be added to your total staking amount, and simply put the more coins you are staking the more often you will hit stakes or blocks to earn more coins, it is a simple compound snowball effect.

If you want to learn how to stake Energi NRG on their 3.0 platform, unfortunately, we do not have any guides yet, but you can refer to their official guide here.

If you want to learn how to run a Energi NRG masternode on their 3.0 platform, unfortunately, we do not have any guides yet, but you can refer to their official guide here.

Please note that currently deposits are closed for all Energi NRG cryptocurrency exchanges, so any potential gains here cannot be fully realized, and once deposits open back up price could skyrocket, or plummet. They said this is due to wanting to ensure their 3.0 network is safe and that exchanges will be opening up for deposits soon.

Watch the VoskCoin video where we talk about staking Energi NRG 3.0 and our passive income earnings!


Great video Vosk,
I run a VPN on all my machines. Is it possible to run the staking CORE and other command line window on a machine that is behind a VPN?
Thanks again


Thanks for posting your block explorer link… it looks like the wallet has $41k USD worth of NRG in there. Thats out of most folks price range.

Are you advising that your $41k stake is returning $60USD a day in NRG?


I’m curious how much/how often rewards would be for staking less, say $1,000.


NRG deposits are now open on kucoin!
deposits takes 5000 confirmations so more or less 3 and a half days
got confirmation from nrg team that it’s 1 confirmation/minute (and that increasing the gas used on the transaction wont make it faster)


Has anyone else tried to but NRG on Kucoin? They only sell 8 coins, and NRG is not one of them.

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make sure you check for a BTC pair and not just USD or whatever other pairs you might be searching for but Kucoin does lack a few popular coins like Chainlink


I was able to set up the node, purchase the NRG through Kucoin, and my mining status and staking status have been true for the past 2 days but I have yet to see any rewards for validating blocks. I entered 4,000 blocks ago, not too sure whats going on.

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so is nrg mined thru staking? or i it a combo coin POW and POS?


Yea, I believe NRG is only a POS coin.

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Bought some BTC and then traded it for NRG

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I did the same 8 days ago and after a couple of days i start receiving rewards.

It is also very handy to setup node monitor :

hopes this helps

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Hi.I’ve started mining NRG and followed all the insttructions provided. I started 19 NRG and been mining fotrthe past 3 days… I dont get any rewards yet. My new laptop is turn on 24 by 7.

Could you please let me know what is the machine you are using? I’m using laptop only so I thought I should ask about your mining machine. Thanks.

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im staking 60nrg 4days also dont get nothing on core node mining work coming every 2-15sec just show uncles=1 other 0

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Could you post a screenshot and also link to your NRG wallet address like this

Also the same request of you @Asiukas6

Keep in mind it could take a month to hit a stake with a small NRG quantity, previously you needed ~2,000 coins to hit 1 NRG stake a day


Please see the screenshot. Thanks

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I started only 19.99 NRG so it means I need to buy more and have it 2,000 to start staking. Computation = 2,000 *2.33 ( current NRG price0 = $4,660 to start staking… ? ?

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No, he is saying to get rewards everyday on average you need to have 2000 NRG. The more you have the more often you get rewards. If you have 20 NRG it will take you 100 days approximately before you get any rewards. I am just using math to figure this out I have no idea if this is accurate or not.


yeah… so it means I would need $4,660 and I buy 2,000 NRG to get started for rewards asap. Else, wait 3 months or more for my 19.99 ( almost 20) NRG…

Also, is laptop okay to use or need to buy mining machine? That would be additional investment/expense.