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There a lot of ways to earn money from home online, and buying, selling, trading, staking, lending, and/or mining cryptocurrency coins is the best way to earn some passive income! We are earning passive income in cryptocurrency through all of the means above, but today’s video will review how we purchased Chainlink LINK, Tezos XTZ, CRO coin, Cardano ADA, and Energi NRG as well as how we increased our coin holdings and/or our USD holdings as well. We have doubled our money in some situations, and we are even earning 12% interest on a stablecoin, which is pegged in price to the US dollar – imagine if your bank account paid you 12% interest instead of just 1% (if you’re lucky enough for that in this market). Anyway, todays video is all about showing the ups and downs of investing into cryptocurrency and how we are still earning a lot of money with cryptocurrencies!

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See here, I don’t have any coins to stake neither have GPU, Ryzen, ASICs to mine. Have free electricity in college but now closed due to covid so no hosting.
So no income from crypto for me. On top of these lost 100$ in nicehash…

Couln’t agree more! Staking is hot.

Check out LTO Network it’s staking opportunities as well. Currently about 7-8% and increasing as more clients are applying the chain into their workflows generating transactions in the network.
Calculations can be made on the known (default settings are latest avg network numbers)

Setting up a node is easy… But if anyone does not want to do that, leasing is also a way to go. Another node owner will stake the leased tokens in that case. like a pool