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You have helped save me with ordering my debit card, I still don’t know how, but I am eternally grateful. The on thing I’m still having an issue with is the exchange. Every time I’ve tried to log onto it, or start the Syndicate, this happens to me. Any idea why I’m struggling to log on? I’ve created my own account, and it has this pop up. (Here is a photo you asked me to share)

Not sure if it has to be with the fact I live in Colorado USA or if it’s something else

Ps. I love the energy you have to help so many people! Thank you for your constant movies, and the drive to help people like me!

Hey :smiley:

Unfortunately being a US citizen you/me are not allowed to use their online exchange website

However! We can use their crypto app, and we can buy/sell coins in the app, just not on their web based exchange.

So you’re being banned from their site due to them detecting what region you’re from.

Do you use the wallet or would you recommend a different wallet? Looks like Coinbase wallet is very popular in the app store.

I use the cryptocom app, not their wallet only app, and stake coins in it to earn extra passive income

Also note US residents cant use the cryptocom website based exchange

I am having a hard time getting to take my credit cards. They are all paid off, but the credit cad companies refuse to approve the charges.

Anybody notice that the earning on the CRO earn drops from 18% to 4% ?

It’s likely your bank is blocking the transaction because they don’t allow you to use a credit card with crypto companies, I had that problem with my banks.

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Hey Vosk its Ed here.
i have made the purchase of 3 z15’s and i was wondering what’s the best site for profitability (mining pool or solo mining). i may be setting up a z15 farm (world’s first hehehe jk) and i was wondering if there is a limit on how many miners i can put on a certain pool such as nicehash or luxor.
one last thing, is it possible to transfer large funds of crypto into your bank account that can be used.

Yes they dropped their interest rate and now their coin is tanking. I’m stuck with over 2k worth of CRO, all I can do is watch it tank. Interest rates dropped dramatically.

Yesterday 20 b was in supply and now it’s 20.7

There are some CRO whales getting 20M CRO payouts each week. OR that is the insiders. Either way, they done made unworthy. i just got my 10k CRO staked and card active. I’m done with em. Next will be dropping all the other coins to below 4%.

Same here, I just activated my card tonight. However just sent out a revised interest rate. They are double of what they dropped to, still sucks, 16% down to 12% but that’s better than 6%

Here are the new rates.

You should still get the % you staked at for your card so that should be good. The high rates couldn’t last for ever, and we knew that. The problem with it all for me is the, no warning over night, here you go attitude of the company. Just not cool.

Here’s our latest review on CryptoCom

Have links and screenshots with the most up to date staking tier requirements, sign up bonuses, and interest rates.

I respect that you fully endorse and enjoy using the CDC, but it would be nice if included in your updated review, you would mention the negatives…

dwindling cashback rewards (amounts, categories)
bonus dropping to $25 in a couple days
ridiculous overnight changes to staking rewards
How even when they are wrong, they will freeze your account without any notice.

Just sayin…

Do you want me to contact them directly regarding your issues to see if I can potentially help in anyway?

Their deal won’t be nearly as lucrative with a $25 bonus and 2.5k CRO stake — I mention that in the new write up

No Vosk, that isn’t what i am asking or saying. The issues i am referencing are well documented and not of my particular issue.

Truth is CDC doesn’t value the users, period. Do you feel valued, when without a single word, the % of staked CRO drops by 75% and then are touted as heroes when they change it to only 50%? Do you feel valued, when they purposefully drop the value of their coin AFTER you staked 10,000 or more 6 months, when there isn’t anything you can do about it? Do you feel valued when they still advertise up to 10% cashback on things such as food, when if you look at the real published cashback it has dropped to 5% if you use non-CRO coins to purchase say gift cards, and only 1.5-2.5% if you buy them with CRO? Was 10% for say eBay not too long ago. Do you feel valued, when they up and change which categories are now cash back excluded. They continually change their ToS without a note anywhere and then change a perk and say “its always been in the terms”? Did you feel valued, when CDC artificially held down the value of MCO so they could give less CRO in the swap? oh, and the swap was staked for 3 months and in the mean time is valued at 50%? so was it really a great deal to get 30% bonus for swapping only to then lose 50%? And this is just the tip of iceberg.

I get that you do this for the referral bonuses, but you cannot deny that CDC is killing any real advantages to use them anymore.

I understand your point of view, and I think they are changing too much, too fast, and without enough notice – but it’s still a great app and platform IMO