DeFi "Degens" PUMP Hotdog token | SushiSwap takes on Uniswap | MINING PROFITS UP BIG!

Decentralized Finance aka DeFi continues with crazy tokens launching and pumping 4000%?! Bitcoin and Ethereum mining profits are up BIG! SushiSwap the new UniSwap?! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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The DeFi Degens are at it again! New DeFi tokens with insane ROI are appearing, all based around emojis and memes, some how people are making millions of dollars doing this. Yield farming is a real thing right now, and its insanely risky but potentially insanely rewarding. Hotdog token was launched and returned 4000% for some, while others lost their entire investments. Uniswap is doing more volume than Coinbase, that’s again, insane! Sushiswap has appeared to challenge Uniswap for some of this DeFi yield farming pump it dump it market share. Will DeFi replace centralized finance CeFi? Some people think DeFi will be more successful if it was wrapped inside of CeFi. Bitcoin mining revenue is very high, BTC mining is super profitable. Ethereum mining revenue is extremely high, largely thanks to the transaction fees being very high on ETH’s network all because of the DeFi craze going on right now!

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Bitcoin mining revenue is up big and lightning network usage reaches an all-time high -
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Sushiswap aims to be the new Uniswap DeFi DEX for yield farming -

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Is it just me or do the names of these tokens make it feel like someone’s being punked? Hotdog, sushi, come on. They literally offer NOTHING.