Top 5 Ways I'm EARNING PASSIVE INCOME with Cryptocurrency 💲

I focus on earning passive income in cryptocurrency, and today I am going to show you the top 5 ways that I am earning passive income in cryptocurrency! These are real methods where I’ve earned thousands of dollars! – Subscribe to VoskCoin!

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Most millionaires or wealthy people have multiple streams of income, and one of the most powerful forms of income, is passive income. This is why I am focused on building passive income revenue sources, specifically through cryptocurrency. This video shows you the top 5 ways to earn passive income in cryptocurrency, or at least how we are earning money while we sleep with crypto! We review how we are staking coins, running masternodes, trading, investing, yield farming, liquidity mining, crypto mining, and buying into coins that provide dividends as well as provide long-term growth!

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00:00 Intro to earning passive income in cryptocurrency
00:42 Earning passive income with cryptocurrency by staking coins
02:45 Earning passive income with cryptocurrency with masternodes
04:01 Earning passive income in crypto w/ DeFi Yield Farming Liquidity Mining
05:31 Earning passive income by mining cryptocurrencies like Ethereum
06:14 Stable Growth Coins increase in value long-term and pay dividends
10:34 Reviewing the top 5 ways to earn passive income with crypto!

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