Ethereum 2.0 | Earning Passive Income in Cryptocurrency STAKING ETH?!

Ethereum is upgrading to Ethereum 2.0 this year, and they will be launching their Proof Of Stake chain, basically enabling passive income in cryptocurrency with Ethereum, this is HUGE! Sub to VoskCoin -

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Best GPU for mining Ethereum in 2020 -
Best used GPU for mining Ethereum in 2020 -

Ethereum 2.0 is a HUGE DEAL, and could literally be the catalyst needed for a major cryptocurrency bullrun! Should you buy Ethereum right now? Is Ethereum a good investment? Is staking Ethereum worth it? When can we start staking Ethereum to earn passive income in cryptocurrency and GET PAID OUT IN ETHER?! Ethereum will be the biggest cryptocurrency EVER, especially by coin marketcap to offer a staking consensus mechanism where you can passively earn money and more coins by simply running a node on their decentralized Ethereum protocol. Ethereum is looking to phase out Proof Of Work aka Ethereum mining, and transition to an entirely Proof Of Stake based network, however in the short-term they will implement a hybrid blockchain, where they have mining and staking taking place at the same time. Vitalik Buterin is hoping to increase the transactions per second on the Ethereum blockchain astronomically, and he also believes you’ll be able to run an Ethereum validator node, which is the official way of staking Ethereum on something as simple as your average laptop! Simply put, Ethereum 2.0 is a BIG DEAL, and it should make you bullish on this cryptocurrency!

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Ethereum 2.0 validator staking node ROI calculator -
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Curious what the move to POS will do to GPU mining, since to much of what is profitable is ETH. Having started to watch E-bay, I do see a lot of cards and some rigs up for sale. Curious if that’s normal, or if there’s a big uptick of people trying to dump there stuff now…

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Honestly I think the elephant in the room w/ GPU mining is Ethereum, even though its actively addressed lol – if ETH removes POW, then it could be YEARS before its profitable to be GPU mining again… and that would also take another massive project creating millions in POW to make that a reality, people quickly forget that mining for the last 4 years and still now basically revolves around ETH